Welcome to Targa Liquids Marketing and Trade's  Wholesale Propane and Transportation Online Customer Services (WPT OCS).  The WPT OCS offers enhanced customer service through quick, easy access to daily posted prices at contractual locations, safety information regarding the industry and product properties, rail car shipment information, daily accounts receivable and invoice information and market updates from our regional offices.

In the future, we will be offering daily automatic price changes by fax and e-mail to customers in addition to being published here. Customer contract performance will be accessible by individual customers at locations of contractual obligations.

Are you an existing customer and interested in gaining access? Please complete the Online Access Agreement and Registration Form and follow the instructions included.

Please feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions or comments regarding Targa's WPT OCS to:

E-mail: PMcConnell@targaresources.com
Phone: 713-584-1455